“There is no other discipline where you’ve got a partner with you all the time. The better we teach it, the better the students learn…and we teach it much better with a partner like the Virginia Council on Economic Education.” ─ 费尔法克斯县 public school teacher

专业 Development

AYX爱游戏体育 seeks to ensure that 每一个 Virginia student is taught economics and personal finance by a well qualified teacher. 在来自 foundations and businesses, AYX爱游戏体育 and its affiliated university-based Centers for Economic Education provide K-12 老师 with many opportunities for professional development. There is no charge for most programs.

Looking for engaging content that is strong, up-to-date and relevant?  现在注册  for workshops and professional development for 小学 老师.


We salute K-12 老师 who invest in their own human capital to ensure they have up-to-date knowledge and comprehensive teaching strategies. 认证 in economics and personal finance can be an important part of the process.

小学 水平, AYX爱游戏体育 has three comprehensive programs to enhance 老师’ ability to teach the economics-related concepts within the History and Social Science SOL, providing a blend of content and hands-on resources.

AYX爱游戏体育 Certified 经济学 Educator: K-3 要求:

  1. 小学 Institute (12 hours – full completion) Designed to strengthen understanding of how basic economic concepts apply to foundational decision-making for students. Provides classroom resources, including those linked to children’s literature both classic and new.
  2. 经济学 test – passing grade

AYX爱游戏体育 Certified 经济学 Educator: K-5 要求:

  1. K-5 经济学 and Personal Finance Online Course (22 hours – full completion) Designed to deepen understanding of all K-5 economics related SOL with a focus of applying to personal finance. Modules include: Orientation; Making Good Decisions; Producing and Earning; Savings; and Investing.  A sixth module (Using Credit) is optional,  Includes pedagogy and teaching demonstrations from experienced elementary 老师 and identification of grade appropriate resources.
  2. 经济学 test – passing grade

AYX爱游戏体育 Certified 经济学 Educator: Mini-Economy 要求:

  1. Mini-Economy Institute (18-hours – full completion)  Learn how to implement an experienced-based program used to teach entrepreneurship, economics and government. Students immerse themselves in a classroom economy: applying for jobs, running businesses, 纳税, making investments — all while mastering economics principles and getting cross-curricular exposure to math, reading and writing.  Also provided: training and resources for the Mini-Economy Portfolio Assessment, easy-to-use activities which directly assess SOL knowledge, while building toward a project goal — the creation of a flourishing classroom business.
  2. 经济学 test – passing grade

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